The Secrets Behind 3 Successful F&B Concepts in Singapore

January 31, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the secrets behind successful F&B concepts and brands in Singapore? If so, you’re in luck because we will be featuring 3 of the topmost successful F&B concepts in malls, along with their secrets within these concepts.

On this small island, we are blessed with a variety of food ranging from different ethnic groups. Although most traditional foods are found out of malls, we do have some heroes in the malls.

The following 3 concepts all share the same 5 important traits which build the secrets to their success. They are:

  1. Overall Brand Positioning 
  2. Market Segmentation Strategy 
  3. Food Quality and Consistency 
  4. Great Pricing Model 
  5. Creation of Regular Customer – ie. “Fans”

Secrets to Tori Q

If you’ve been following our blog, you would know that we are a fan of Tori Q, and we believe that many will have this brand close to their heart.

This concept reign supreme in the market of skewed comfort food and this is our take on why they have been and continue to be a big success:

Overall Brand Positioning –  With just a glance, we immediately know that this is a Japanese brand, backed with a simple brand image that is easily accepted and understood by most. Thus, most people can connect well with the brand.

Market Segmentation Strategy – They adopt a mass-market strategy that stretches into the executive crowd. A smart market segmentation that is ‘recession-resistant’, meaning to say, no matter how the economy changes, people will still need to eat, and choose to eat Tori Q.

Food Quality & Consistency – You’ve probably seen in countless kiosks in various locations that each staff member knows exactly what to do, and who is in charge of which specific processes. It is almost akin to a production chain.

What these are, are all SOP’s designed to provide consistency in their food quality. The duration of cooking, amount of sauce, each and every carefully detailed step, contributes to its consistent taste. We think you can attest that every outlet offers the same taste!

Great Pricing Strategy – Normally you would be focusing more on the palate delight-able skewered meats rather than pricing. And you would probably average out to be paying between $7.00 – $9.00 depending on if you ordered it with a side of rice.

As such, the pricing strategy is smart because every stick’s pricing seems to be affordable and to some people – low. Kudos to Tori Q team!

Creation of Regular Customer – ie. “Fans” – “Wow I really don’t know what to eat!” Would be the most common internal dialogue we all have. You pass by a Tori Q outlet and look at the delicious cooking process…  Your visuals goes into an internal resonation with your mind, and the next thing you know – You are in the Q.

So why we feel that the visually appealing – and even soothing process of meat being cook creates Fans of Tori Q? Because of 3 simple reasons: affordability, freshly cooked and it fills the stomach.

The Stuff’d Concept

Craving for kebab but want a modern twist? stuff’d would be one of Singapore’s greatest food innovations – where it infuses food offering from a salad bowl, to wraps and backing the new impossible-meats option for the plant-based enthusiasts. 

Overall Brand Positioning – Taking a look at this brand, we would say that they went with traditional food presented in a chic modern style. Combining simple branding with lowercase font makes for an easy brand to remember them.

Market Segmentation Strategy – We feel that they are targeting executive-level consumers who are carbs resistant or conscious. With a strong target audience, it spills over into the mass market, with consumers thinking “I wanna try too”. And so this would be an example of a reverse to Tori Q – from executives to mass consumers in heartland malls.

Food Quality & Consistency – We can say that this concept is like a “choose, point, pay” concept. Everything is well portioned, heated to the correct temperature for consumption, warped, and packed the exact same way no matter which outlet you visit. Again it is the result of a thorough SOP.

Great Pricing Strategy – An average meal averages around $8.00 onwards with the promise of a filling and fulfilling dining experience. This is how the pricing model appeals to executives.

Creation of Regular Customer – ie. “Fans” – All it takes is to become a fan is to have you try it once. From here, if you like the first taste, coupled with a price that reasonable to you, you are bound to go on an adventure to try the different sauces, wraps, and ingredients.

Akin to Tori Q, Stuff’d entices you with a welcoming visual of their chicken on a rotating skewer, that rotates every so slowly, mesmerizing you as you walk by, and inviting you to try it with its warmth.

This taste journey often creates fans for the brand, and their portions are bound to get you Stuff’d.

Success of Mr Bean

Had an awesome dinner and want to savor something sweet on the way home? Soya, as it turns out, is somehow akin to our national food and one of Singaporean’s main source of protein.

Understanding this, Mr Bean definitely is one of the most innovative brand offerings could ever imagine, from the range of soya products.

Overall Brand Positioning -Mr Bean went through a whole new branding facelift, and with its new modern look and color, it stood out and appealed to consumers over its competitors. The colors chosen creates a refreshing feeling, combined with great food photography, enhances the sweetness and richness deserts bring.

Market Segmentation Strategy – This brand is definitely a mass-market concept which focuses on a healthy zest. From youngsters to the elderly, it satisfies everyone’s sweet craving.

Food Quality & Consistency – A central kitchen supply chain would be their main contributor to Mr Bean’s food consistency. Here, the SOP is for outlet staff to heat up or do minimal preparation for the dessert to be sales-ready. With that in place, consistency and freshness is guaranteed

Great Pricing Strategy – A wide range of pricing, starting from $1.80 onwards, provides consumers the flexibility on how much they want to spend either for ‘breakfast tomorrow’ or for a movie bite.

Creation of Regular Customer – ie. “Fans” – Mr Bean probably has a larger pool of fans compared to Tori Q and Stuff’d, due to its lower and more affordable level of pricing along with its quality food brand promise.

And perhaps due to the fact that Mr Bean has been operating since 1995 with its roots firmly planted in the lives of countless Singaporean’s.

Conclusion - What's Next?

We guess you will be able to tell by now that the success of these F&B concepts success fulfills beyond the 5 important traits we’ve shared.

Reading through each example, you should’ve picked up 3 additional factors to add to your list:

  1. Being visually appealing,
  2. Freshly textured, and;
  3. Attractive pricing breeds fans and brand heroes 🦸‍♂️.

Want to read more? We also have our previously written blog article here: 5 Traits of Successful F&B Concepts.

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