Why Choose MallSpacesAsia?

MallSpacesAsia is your #1 partner in unlocking the pathway to success for businesses venturing into malls and shophouses in Singapore. With a wealth of experience and strong relationships with leasing teams, we’ve mastered the art of solving space requirements for both malls and brands.

While finding a space may be simple, discovering the right one requires a dedicated team. MallSpacesAsia is that team, enhancing your search experience by connecting you with the right leasing teams and skillfully navigating through the intricacies of requirements.

Your perfect space awaits – find it with MallSpacesAsia.


MallSpacesAsia Is the #1 Space Partner for Businesses

Access resources, blogs, guides, a wealth of experience and more. MallSpacesAsia was founded to partner with businesses in navigating the complexity of the leasing market.

Listing Websites Don't Work for Today's Customer Needs

Your needs are increasingly complex, and finding your own space through listing websites can help – or hinder – your ability to focus on your core competencies and what is important to your business. When inexperience meets listing sites, they lead to:

Misguided presumptions → allocating incorrect budgets
Hasty decisions → making poor investments
Overlooking vital aspects → hindering future growth
And unexpectedly higher total costs without ROI

MallSpacesAsia Operates with Customers In Mind

MallSpacesAsia offers a better solution to your needs than other agencies or listing platforms. We have built our services and offerings on relationships cultivated through the years. We have then grown our services and offerings by finding the right proven partners that have great feedback from customers to present you an entire 360 solution around your space requirement should you require them. And when offerings are built with customers (like you) at the center of our business strategy, decision making customers becomes a whole lot easier.

4.3 X

Understanding full requirements of locations with a partner, companies see up to 4.3X more time savings versus self sourcing.


Companies who partner with MallSpacesAsia are 359% more likely to secure a space in malls.

1.8 X

MallSpacesAsia helps businesses see 1.8X cost savings by avoiding pitfalls and common mistakes.

Delivering 360 Solution beyond Securing Space With MallSpacesAsia Partner Network

Your journey is a complex, winding path that ideally results in turning strategy into securing a space. With our guidance, companies can navigate this journey successfully. Many companies also engage our recommended Design & Build teams, relying on a strong track record of success. This reduces their time to market and kick off their revenue generation.

Unlock localized marketing excellence with MallSpacesAsia’s partner network, providing access to a versatile suite of services. Our partners specialize in streamlining operations and boosting your online presence.

From website building and copywriting for diverse channels to social media building that fosters vibrant online communities, delve into the future of social media marketing with real-time insights from our network of experts.

Recognizing the enduring power of search, optimize your digital footprint through proven SEO and SEM approaches, expertly executed by our trusted partners. MallSpacesAsia is your gateway to tailored solutions for navigating the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

Front of House — Efficiently manage customer interactions with our partner network’s expertise in Front of House services. From skilled manpower placement and outsourcing solutions to seamless POS/CRM system integration, ensuring your smooth and engaging customer experience.

Back of House — Navigate the intricacies of business operations with our comprehensive Back of House services. From fulfilment services to grant consultation to meticulous accounting and auditing, along with taxation consulting and support for public listing, our partners provide the expertise needed to drive your business forward.

Growth Journey — Accelerate your growth journey with MallSpacesAsia’s specialized services. Our partner network offers support in franchise development, guiding you through every stage of expansion. From strategic franchise marketing to comprehensive growth strategies, we are committed to propelling your brand to new heights.

Experience a holistic approach to food services from innovative food solutions to expertly crafted food-grade packaging and printing, our partners ensure your culinary creations make a lasting impression.

Capture the essence of your artistic culinary masterpieces and elevate your brand with our partner’s Food Photography services.

Finally, curate an enticing dining experience with our partner’s Menu Design and Printing services. Our partners have decades of experience in creating visually appealing and informative menus that resonate with brand identities, leaving a lasting impression on patrons.

Certifications — Navigate the regulatory landscape with our certifications services. Whether you’re seeking Halal Certification or Alcohol Licenses, we have the expertise to meet compliance requirements, ensuring your business operates with the correct licenses.

Residential Rental and Lodging — Discover your ideal home effortlessly with our Residential Rental and Lodging services. Our sister team ensure a seamless experience, helping you find the perfect residential space.

Asset Progression and Management — Whether you are directors contemplating the purchase of residential or commercial properties, our partner network is able to guide you through the process with precision. Post-acquisition, trust our partners for comprehensive asset management, ensuring efficient operations, and maximizing returns on your real estate investments. This integrated approach ensures a smooth transition in your asset portfolio.

PR and Citizenship Application — For foreign investors and businesses, you may even be keen on obtaining a PR or Citizenship status in Singapore. We have a partner network that consults and is able to provide guidance on obtaining permanent residency and citizenship.

Powerful Alone, Better With Partners

You need a partner that’s inclusive of every part of your business. 

Our approach to space exploration takes the critical elements of your business — brand story,  mission, target audience —and brings them together in the best space possible to grow your business. 

Our Space team is what you found, but the real magic happens when you work together with our Design & Build, Marketing and Operation teams and partners.

See how Mister Wheel leveraged our expanded MSA network to help them launch their brand in record time. 

Want to see your space potential with MallSpacesAsia?

Our MallSpacesAsia top customer profiles we’re seeing a trend towards

International Brands

who made their international debut at Suntec City

Growing Brands

who expanded into a new space at PLQ Mall

New Brands

who launched their first space at Northpoint City

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