Top 3 Sought After Malls In Singapore

February 28, 2021

What are the most sought-after malls in Singapore? Here are the top 3 malls clients have been requesting from us and we’re here to share them with you:

During this COVID-19 period, many food enthusiasts have ventured into home cooked food concepts. Creating success through delivery partners like food panda, grab food, deliveroo etc 

They tasted success and commercialised their food concept and that is when the Google for things like “kiosk for rent in malls”, “shopping malls rental rates”, “kiosk space for rent” and they chanced upon us. Contacted us and we started chatting. 

Through these conversations, we found a pattern on the malls that they are enquiry good on. With that, we bring this to you and share with you on which are the top tier malls that most are fighting to get into and their reasons. 

#3 Tampines Mall

One of the ‘old veteran’ Mall that remains as one of the top sought-after malls with an ever-long waiting list to get into. With its size, Tampines Mall commands an amazing volume of footfall of more than 4,000,000 per month, making it the preferred mall in the Tampines cluster. 

So why is it so popular and hard to get in? 

  • Its basement is like a river with mall-goers, every minute of every day, and it always seems to be non-stop and flowing.
  • Lots of legacy brands there fight to stay competitive just to maintain a strong foothold without losing their space there.
  • Shoppers dynamic – one of the most direct malls to walk to when you exit from the train station and you are welcomed with McDonald’s.
  • Small but strong tenants – From dining to snacks to conveniences, you kind of find everything there 

Our take on why Tampines Mall is successful is their tenant mix – a well balanced retail concoction that satisfies their audience in all different needs.

#2 North Point City

The North Star of Yishun. North Point City has grown from a humble mall to a huge village of great shopping. It is akin to being the Jurong Point of the North. Its current huge floor plate offers great choices of family dining, chill-out cafes, and of course the long-standing NTUC and Cold Storage. 

We would say North Point City offers a hybrid audience: 

  • A matured estate where our president’s home is, along with young couples staying in the HDB 400 and 500 series blocks.
  • This will be a great mall for food concepts that reach out to a diverse target audience.
  • With a footfall of more than 4,000,000 per month, do you have what it takes to harvest from these ‘hungry for new concept’ crowd? 

Yet another high volume, diverse spending power mall!

Waterway Point has evolved to be one of the top contenders for the following reasons: 

  1. Young families, mainly young executives who have gotten their first HDB BTO with high spending power.
  2. The shopping and groceries epicenter of Punggol and people from Sengkang also travel to Waterway Point for: restaurant dining, shopping, bringing their kids for lessons, groceries, etc.
  3. The very high footfall of more than 4,000,000 per month.
  4. A high volume, high spending power mall which is always hungry for new food concept with novelty.  


We hope that this sharing has provided you with a perspective on why malls remain highly sought after and what makes a mall, a top mall.

Did you realise some commonalities among these 3 malls? If not, let us recap them for you: 

  1. A high footfall of 4,000,000 and above per month.
  2. Diverse target audience.
  3. Best choice out of no choice in your neighbourhood. 
  4. Strong legacy brand offerings.
  5. High rental but high volume business potential.

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