Mister Wheel Rolls Into Singapore

December 24, 2023

In the vibrant world of culinary delights, few tales resonate as harmoniously as that of Mister Wheel. 

Originating in 2017, this Taiwanese sensation tantalized taste buds with its renowned wheel pies, earning a distinguished reputation across two flourishing locations in Taiwan.

A Culinary Odyssey

The scent of success wafting through the air beckoned Mister Wheel to set sail for new shores, landing in the dynamic landscape of Singapore.

As the culinary world eagerly anticipated Mister Wheel’s Singaporean debut, the journey was not without its challenges. At the helm of this expansion was Mr. Darryl, the master franchisor for Asia, tasked with finding the perfect location for Mister Wheel’s inaugural store. This mission unfolded as a strategic saga, with twists and turns that ultimately led to a triumphant culinary odyssey, and our MSA team embarking on an adventure to Taiwan.

Leo Lee, Ming Han, Aaron & Brandon in Taiwan for the 60th Golden Horse Awards

Mister Wheel's Taiwanese Legacy

Mister Wheel’s story is one of flavors woven into the fabric of Taiwanese culinary culture. The brand’s wheel pies, a delectable symphony of taste and texture, became a culinary sensation in their homeland. The decision to venture beyond Taiwan was fueled by a desire to share these gastronomic wonders with a broader audience, and Singapore emerged as the first chosen destination of many.

The Quest for the Perfect Location

As Mr. Darryl took on the mantle of expanding Mister Wheel’s horizons, he faced the formidable challenge of finding a location that mirrored the brand’s uniqueness. The culinary landscape of Singapore, diverse and competitive, demanded a strategic approach. Despite extensive searches and engagements with commercial rental platforms, the absence of a team specializing in retail mall spaces left Mr. Darryl navigating uncharted territory.

The gravity of each passing day without securing a location became increasingly apparent. Potential revenue loss loomed on the horizon, emphasizing the need for a seasoned guide in the Singaporean retail space.

Enters MallSpacesAsia: Navigating the Gastronomic Landscape

Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the situation, Mr. Darryl turned to MallSpacesAsia, a beacon of expertise specializing in retail mall spaces. The partnership marked the commencement of a meticulous exploration of Singapore’s diverse malls. MallSpacesAsia’s dedicated team, armed with insights and expertise, delved into factors such as location, demographics, and brand alignment.

The collaboration was not merely transactional but a symphony of shared visions and strategic maneuvers. Mister Wheel, under the guidance of MallSpacesAsia, adeptly navigated the complexities of the retail landscape, inching closer to the ideal location at Suntec City that would become the epicenter of their Singaporean stamp.

Mister Wheel undergoing Design & Build

A Comprehensive Solution: MSA Network Unleashed

In an inspired move, MallSpacesAsia introduced Mister Wheel to its MSA Network, a constellation of expertise comprising the Design & Build prowess of IW Design Studio and the Brand Consultancy finesse of BCUMEN. This 360-degree service excellence ensured that Mister Wheel’s journey extended beyond securing a location.

Design & Build experts from IW Design Studio meticulously crafted a space that not only met operational needs but also provided an immersive brand experience. The collaborative efforts with BCUMEN for a local product shoot and localized designs further cemented Mister Wheel as a distinctive presence in Singapore’s competitive culinary landscape.

Behind the scenes photoshoot by the BCUMEN team

Taiwanese Rhapsody: A Journey to the Heart of Mister Wheel

Leo Lee (Brand Owner), Mr. Chen-yuan Tung (Taiwan Ambassador to Singapore), Joyce (MSA Team)

The tale took an enchanting turn when MallSpacesAsia’s team embarked on a journey to Taiwan, the very heart of Mister Wheel’s origin. The objective: meet Leo Lee, the visionary brand owner, and delve deeper into the brand’s unique identity.

This visit, more than a business venture, was an opportunity to contribute to catering the prestigious 60th Golden Horse Awards ceremony, a celebration of Mister Wheel’s strong roots in Taiwan, and an all round amazing experience for our MallSpacesAsia team.

After an amazing time in Taiwan, it was back to the final touches before the grand opening. Little did we anticipate that the grand opening in Singapore would host not only fans and esteemed guests but also the Taiwan Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Chen-yuan Tung. His presence added an extra layer of significance to Mister Wheel’s success, highlighting the brand’s cultural connection and the diplomatic bridge built through our nations.

The Grand Opening: 22 December, 2023

Prior to the grand launch, Mister Wheel garnered substantial attention from various food-centric platforms such as: EatBook, Confirm Good, Singapore Foodie and more. These highly anticipated features highlighted the enthusiasm surrounding the introduction of this distinguished brand to the Singaporean culinary scene.

Mister Wheel officially opened its doors in Suntec City on 22 December, 2023, marking the culmination of meticulous planning, location selection, and collaborative efforts. The scent of freshly baked wheel pies mingled with the excitement in the air, as patrons and dignitaries alike gathered to witness the spectacle.

As the lion dance concluded and its lines open, Mister Wheel’s flavorful journey in Singapore not just a business success; it was a testament to the synergy and commitment that defined MallSpacesAsia’s approach to real estate consultancy in the dynamic food and retail sector.

Grand Opening with Leo Lee (Brand Owner), Joyce (MSA Team), Mr. Darryl (Master Franchisor)

Conclusion: Win Across Borders

Mister Wheel’s journey stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between visionary brands and strategic real estate consultancy. From the bustling streets of Taiwan to the vibrant towers of Suntec City, this tale reflects the global resonance of flavors and the cultural connections forged through culinary excellence and newfound friendships.

The collaboration with MallSpacesAsia wasn’t just about securing a space; it was about crafting an immersive experience that resonates with customers. As Mister Wheel’s aroma continues to permeate the Singaporean culinary landscape, it serves as a beacon of success, a testament to the power of collaboration, and a flavorful saga that transcends borders.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/misterwheel_singapore/

Website: https://www.misterwheel.com.sg

Address: 5 Temasek Boulevard, #01-K13/K14, Suntec City Tower 1, Singapore 038985

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