How F&B Businesses Expanded and Evolved During COVID-19

May 18, 2022

For the past 2 years, we have lived in an entirely different world. It has been a world of internet experts and Zoom heroes. 

Malls Are Coming Back & Change Is Coming Along With It

Fruit Bowl

Some folks have been so bored during lockdown that they started cooking and baking at home. You may be one of these folks too! From a spark of passion to having fun, to setting up a home business. Today, they are looking to make a mark in the marketplace!

Being on the pulse of the market, we conducted our own research and consolidated the following F&B hero.

During the multiple phases of lockdown, we had the pleasure of getting to know the family that came together and started Novo Açai & Granola. A health-oriented establishment inspired to bring great taste to a dessert bowl at an affordable price point!

Their concept started with having fun baking and creating granola recipes in their Pasir Ris home. From one to thousands of orders, they have moved their operations from their home to a nicely designed stall in The Bedok Marketplace.

Since then, Novo Acai has reached out to us at MallspacesAsia about their expansion into malls.

What We Are Here For — Into Malls We Go!

From there we advised them on the right malls based on their buyer personas. Beyond locations, we also help them with their expansion plans and introduced a franchising potential to their concept.

This is just one of the many COVID-19 F&B heroes that we’ve had the pleasure of working with!

Increased Demand In Mall Spaces

In recent months, we have been receiving more queries from business owners looking on getting into malls, and most of these enquiries have been local concepts. This is heartwarming to us as we love being able to contribute to an integral part of producing local F&B success stories with our customers.

Increased in Demand for Mall Spaces

Being busier than ever, especially with an increase in queries from new startups, the demand for kiosks has been extremely high due to a lower entry quantum in terms of investment.

And so, we consolidated two sample spaces for your reference below.

Sample Spaces For You:

Approx. 200 Sqft (Size varies)

Sample Kiosk Space!*

Near Punggol MRT

Estimated Investment
From S$80,000* onwards
Initial Deposit Payable
6 + 1 months

Approx. 500 Sqft (Size varies)

Sample Kiosk Space!*

Heart of Woodlands

Estimated Investment
From S$200,000* onwards
Initial Deposit Payable
3 + 1 months

*Note: This is a sample space with an estimated investment amount stated. Sizes vary according to proposed unit and location in the mall. Ask us how we could secure a space for you.

Have A Different Space In Mind?

Do you have any other requirements in mind? Do you have a detailed business profile proposal? Can your concept qualify for malls? Are you familiar with the 11 steps to get your business into malls? Ask us on what it takes to get into Malls!

Help us know your requirements better so that we can serve you better:

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