Brandon Teo

is a Determined Visionary


Twenty Years of Experience

Brandon has over twenty years of experience in the retail industry including management consultancy, business development and sales, leading Brandon through a large extensive network of professionals.

More than Finding the Right Space

Brandon works on a series of business development projects closely with SME owners to fine tune and gear up their business strategies and teams. Brandon has managed restructuring of organizations, creation of new product lines,  Greatly enjoying public speaking, Brandon has a knack in creating and bringing together incredible teams of like-minded individuals.

Understanding Your Pain Points

As an avid window-shopper, Brandon spends his free time observing other shoppers and understands the decision making process behind different types of shoppers. Empathizing with the daily challenges of a salesperson, and as a veteran in carrying numbers, he has developed a passion helping business owners and do well and build their careers and dreams. It doesn’t hurt that Brandon is qualified by ERA as a Real Estate Professional as well.

Brandon Teo
CEA Reg No.: R017267J
Senior Sales Director

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
CEA Licence No. L3002382K

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