Retail Mall Calculator

At MallSpaces, we have created two calculators for your convenience to find your monthly rental for the mall and your total initial investment needed to start your business.

Background to Mall Calculation

Why is there a need for a Mall Calculator?

For people wanting to rent spaces outside malls, they often turn to shophouses which are often owned by individual owners. These transactions with the individual owners are usually very clear and the amount would be agreed upon between the owners and the tenants. This rate is normally based on a fixed monthly rental for a 2-years or 3-years lease term. However the process and rental behind how shopping malls are unclear.

For more information read: Understanding Mall Rental Charges

Structure of the Standard Lease

Normally, the rental components consists of Base Rent plus Gross Turnover (GTO) of the intended business. 

Base Rent ($ per sqft) x Size of Unit (Sqft) + Percentage of GTO.

Based on an example of a 3 year lease term for a 200sqft kiosk will look something like this:

Asking Rent
Year 1 @ S$40.00psf 
Year 2 @ S$41.00psf 
Year 3 @ S$42.00psf 
Projected Monthly GTO: S$80,000

Year 1
(Asking Rent x sqft) + 1% GTO 
= S$8,000 + (S$800)) 
= S$8,800  

In this case, the rental payable shall be S$8,800.

MallSpaces Mall Calculator

Need help to understand your number further?

Your rental rates and initial investments are just one component in a whole list of requirements to be fulfilled. 

Not sure what steps to take from here? Let us know and we’ll be pleased to help you!

Quick Reference

GTO% @ 1%

Typical Kiosk Space:
120 sqft – 480 sqft @ $30psf – $50psf
Design & Build ~ $120psf

Typical Café Space:
500 sqft – 2000 sqft @ $20psf – $40psf
Design & Build ~ $180psf

Typical Restaurant Space:
2,000 sqft – 10,000 sqft @ $18psf – $30psf
Design & Build ~ $220psf

Shophouse Space:
1,200 sqft – 1,500 sqft @ $3,000 – $10,000
Design & Build ~ $150psf