3 Cafe Concepts from Taiwan that you wish were in Singapore

February 7, 2021

Taiwan is one of Singapore’s favorite travel destinations because of its wide variety of great food. From traditionally whipped street foods to restaurant dining.

We suppose that the “How I wish I can bring this concept to Singapore” thinking, resonates with you when you experience great service with an amazing dining adventure.

Do you know that Ding Tai Fung is from Taiwan? 

BreadTalk, the franchise operator of Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore, (read more) brought over this amazing dining concept from Taiwan and has since made history.

Their culinary showmanship featuring their chefs’ creation of those delightful fresh, mouth-watering signatures, has made Singaporeans queue-up since 2003

So, do you have an eye to spot a star-player food concept like Ding Tai Fung? In this article, we have taken reference from Big 7 Travel’s 25 Best Coffee Shops In Taiwan, and applied our 6 criteria for a successful cafe to work in Singapore: 

  • Brand image and packaging 
  • Instagramability
  • Food offering and variety 
  • Concept design and ambiance 
  • Price strategy and range 
  • Target audience

From this, we have identified 3 cafes that we feel will perform in Singapore: 

1. Tree Glass House, Hengchun

Think Dempsey is cool? You may want to reconsider that after seeing this. Building with nature, we feel that as a green city, Singapore should have more of these concepts as people who frequent cafes largely care about its environment, surrounding, and its Instagramabilty.

Thus, we are pretty amazed by this concept. Read more here and visit their Facebook at Glass House – Hengchun (樹夏飲事).

Business Tip: Think beyond what you see. Sometimes an old run-down place has its charm after adding a little life into it. Remember that local consumers are jaded and tired of visiting the same mainstream cafes every week. And the best part about this – you could find yourself an amazingly low rental rate because others are looking to rent a place for what they see, and not what it can be.

2. Simple Kaffa, Taipei

If you are a perfectionist looking for the best things in life – and a heavenly coffee made from one of the award-winning baristas, look no further.

Simple Kaffa is one of the top coffee places in Taiwan. Home to one of the best creations from the Taiwan and World Barista Championship – Simple Kaffa is best known for its cappuccinos. 

On a small island like Singapore, we are constantly questing for the best and we always believe in the best. Thus, if this concept can be here in Singapore, we believe there will be queues upon queues of coffee fans. Visit their website at simplekaffa.com.

Business Tip: Invest with the best, tap on awards and create a brand out of it. If you are not famous, your partner better be. With fame paired with a quality brew, you can place your cafe anywhere and consumers will hunt you down. With an investment in awards and product expertise, you can enjoy cheaper rent because you will be able to do what others can’t. Which is to be located in places with low/no footfall because you will be driving the footfall.

3. My Cofi, Kaohshiung

电话先吃 or Phone eat first! is a very common term in Singapore. It basically means that before we take a bite of our food, the phones will first capture a nice picture for Instagram.

My Cofi is a cafe that features some very impressive 3D latte art. And when we say 3D, it’s a shaped up art on coffee. This type of a concept is very much a ‘be seen’ place.  Which is hearing, “Wow you tried that!”

The focus here is on the latte art, and we’d recommend taking a look at the videos captured on the My Cofi Facebook page.

Business Tip: If you have basic ambiance and your barista is not a global award winner, then your product offering better have a ‘sweet spot’. Something to drive traffic to you, something that is Insta-worthy that would draw in the socially active consumers where consumers talk about your place. 


Let us sum it up for you – If you have noticed, our main picks are around 3 criteria: Concept design/Ambiance, Food Offering/Variety, and Instagramability.

Yes these are 3 main factors that contribute to F&B success in Singapore. And if your concept has these attributes, we are positive that your brand of cafe is here to stay!

Credit: Thank you and kudos to the team at Big 7 Travel to put these lists of cafes together for use as a reference of successful business in Taiwan.
Picture Sources: The 25 Best Coffee Shops In Taiwan.

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