The Makers’ Mall – Where People Make Things Happen!

November 18, 2020

With the evolving eCommerce landscape in a world of instant gratification, via a single click, people are not visiting the malls as often. More people tend to only visit malls when there is a compelling reason for them to do so. So let’s give them the reason…

A recent trend is of craftsmen setting up brick and mortar shops in the malls teaching customers how to make their own accessories ie. watches like what they do at Watch Wonderland (Source).

So you’d be paying USD419.85 to learn from their watchmaker and at the end of the session, you get to bring back the watch you created. Isn’t it an amazing feeling? Pretty cool stuff we would say. Find out more at Watch Wonderland.

SkillsFuture Accreditation

We have seen more of such concepts coming up and some retail outlets and skilled professionals are even SkillsFuture accredited. So if you have the skill to offer you can also sign up to host classes as part of your unique business offering to teach others the importance and uniqueness of your skillset!

Apart from making money from this – you can also use your S$500 credit in your SkillsFuture account to attend other enriching courses and learn skills from niched craftspeople all over Singapore. Find out more about SkillsFuture credit here

A Makers' Mall For F&B Businesses

We are looking forward to a Makers’ Mall which would house an amazing array of extremely cool courses. We believe that in doing so, this will increase the experience of the mall and hence increases footfall – In this case, regular customers. And with increased people and footfall, it will greatly help F&B businesses to thrive in the mall.

In short, such a Makers’ Mall will be not only great for the retail and lessons shops, but for F&B businesses too to feed the hungry shoppers and goers.

Interested in Finding out More?

We know of such a location where you will be able to execute such learning concepts of Makers’ Mall at a low marginal rent in the heart of CBD.

Do chat with us and let us share with you more insights.

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