3-Step Checklist Before Entering Malls

January 17, 2021

Starting a business is a great feeling. We know that you want to get started as soon as possible. In order to help you achieve this, we’ve come up with this 3 step checklist for you to get you from idea to store opening, quickly and accurately.

Most perceive running a restaurant as a huge earning potential. That may be true, however, there is also a large upfront F&B investment needed to start a F&B store in Singapore. Here are the steps you’d need to go through:

Step 1: Do your sums - Total Initial Investment

Below is a quick overview of the total estimated investment for a Café / Small Restaurant:

Size: 500sqft
Rental: $25.00psf/mth + 1% GTO or 18% GTO
Effectively $12,500/mth + 1% GTO or 18% GTO
Security Deposit: $37,500 (3 months)
Advance Rental: $12,500
Total Payable to mall upon signing of Tenancy Agreement: $50,000 + legal fees

Design & Build Cost
Based on an average of $220psf, hence total will be $110,000

Our Service Fee
1 month rent: $12,500

Total Initial Investment: $172,500

Want a more detailed article on how this is calculated? Check out “How to Understand Mall Rental Rates“. Also, check out our “MallSpaces Mall Rental Calculator“.

Step 2: Present Your Concept to Mall Before Being Offered A Space

Things to present to the mall:

  • Your food offering and the different variety of your menu;
  • The pricing of your menu;
  • Your space design concept;
  • Other miscellaneous information.

Check out: “Presenting your F&B Concept” for more in depth details.

Step 3 - Proposed Space For Your Consideration

After the mall has gone through your concept, the leasing manager will email you a proposed space for your consideration.

Together with you, we will visit the space as a team and provide you with the pros and cons of the proposed space in relation to your concept.

Like what you are reading and the numbers makes sense to you?

A mall may be too much for me … That’s okay, even though we are MallSpacesAsia, having been in the industry for many years, we have grown our network beyond malls with successful clients with spaces outside malls!

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