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*Note: This is a sample space with an estimated investment amount stated. Sizes vary according to proposed unit and location in the mall. Ask us how we could secure a space for you.

New Mall Opening along the North-East Line!

Total of 15,200 households making S$10,000 to above S$20,000 a month. With a population density of 5,700 males and 6,830 females between the age group of 25 yrs old to 45 yrs old. Talk to us for more insights…

Fresh New Look, Fresh New Ideas!

Many couples and families head out to East Coast for their weekend exploration and school holidays. With beautiful parks for those with children and pets, and a sporting haven for cyclists, skaters and joggers alike. East Coast brings out the thirst and hunger in people.

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It’s hard to find the right space in a mall without help. Harness on Brandon’s experience and relationship with the malls to find you the perfect space!

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