10 Steps for Achieving Success in Social Media Marketing for Mall Spaces

October 18, 2023

A large challenge businesses face is trying to scale and grow their following after their launch. Tapping on our experience of working with many businesses, we have gathered 10 steps that will help set you up for success with your social media marketing for mall spaces when launching your brand.

We have identified Birds of Paradise as a brand that has done incredible social media marketing using their product, their environment, and their innovation to bring out a unique element to their social media campaign, leading to the activations of their stores.

1. Storytelling

Instagram Source: @bopgelato

Begin with a captivating introduction that sets the tone for the narrative, emphasizing the uniqueness and significance of your design and build and location in the mall you have chosen.

2. Your Space Concept

Provide context by delving into the background of your space concept. What inspired its creation? Was there a special significance with the color you’ve chosen? Share anecdotes or pivotal moments that led to its inception.

3. Share your Vision

Clearly articulate the vision behind entering this space. What goals and aspirations do you aim to achieve? Share this with your would-be customers and connect your vision to the needs or desires of your customers and shoppers within the mall environment.

4. Innovative Elements

Instagram Source: @bopgelato

Highlight the innovative aspects that set your concept apart. Whether it involves unique retail displays, engaging activations, or collaborative events, emphasize what makes it fresh and exciting. Think “Instagramable”.

5. Share your Challenges

Discuss any challenges faced during the development of your conceptualization and execution. This could include navigating through the dynamics of retail environments, working with different and new tools, or overcoming unexpected obstacles behind the scenes that helps humanize your brand as a person.

6. Heroes of Passion and Commitment

Instagram Source: @bopgelato

Showcase the passion and commitment of the individuals involved in your store. Share stories of dedication, hard work, and the unwavering belief of your team and drawing on their personalities to drive followers and would-be customers.

7. World Class Customer Experience

Instagram Source: @bopgelato

Illustrate the anticipated customer experience a person would have when experiencing your store. Describe how shoppers and retailers will interact, what memorable moments they can expect, and how the concept aims to enhance their overall experience.

This could be a first person or third person video walkthrough or both!

8. Local Community Connection

Explore your concept’s ties to the local community. How does it contribute to the shopping experience? Does it create opportunities for community engagement within your neighborhood? 

Establishing a connection with the local community adds depth to the narrative and drive destination crowd to you.

9. Wayfinders

Incorporate visuals—such as mall layouts, retail displays, and interactive elements—to enhance your storytelling. Including visual elements such as way finders can provide a sneak peek into the ambiance, diversity of options, and dynamic aspects of your concept.

If you’re in a hard to get to spot, turn it into an advantage to potential shoppers.

10. Anticipation for your Concept's Launch

Instagram Source: @bopgelato

Build anticipation by concluding with a glimpse into the upcoming launch or activation within the mall. Encourage retailers and shoppers to be a part of the exciting journey by visiting and experiencing the innovative mall space concept firsthand.

Attract them via promotions, referrals, or even celebrity activations.

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