Mister Wheel

How Mister Wheel entered the Singapore F&B Scene

Established in 2017, Mister Wheel has been a culinary sensation, delighting taste buds with its renowned wheel pies across two successful locations in Taiwan. The brand now looks at expanding its reach to Singapore.


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Mister Wheel

Mister Wheel, is an F&B brand from Taiwan that specializes in wheel pies with local aromatic tastes. They have the ability to customize logos on their wheel pies for catering events such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, product launches and more.

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The problem

Unable to Secure Desired Location

At the helm of Mister Wheel’s expansion strategy was Mr. Darryl, the master franchisor for Asia. His objective was to secure the perfect location for Mister Wheel’s inaugural store in Singapore, a pivotal step in the brand’s international growth.

Mr. Darryl encountered a significant hurdle in this ambitious endeavor – the challenge of finding a location that seamlessly aligned with Mister Wheel’s unique requirements. Despite exhaustive searches and perusal of commercial rental listings, the absence of a team specializing in retail mall spaces left Mr. Darryl navigating uncharted territory. 
Each day without securing a location translated to potential revenue loss for the business.

Challenge Many Face

Navigating Singapore’s retail landscape posed a formidable challenge for Mister Wheel. While able to find potential spaces on commercial rental sites such as Commercial Guru, the intricacies of securing a space that suited operational needs, coupled with the lack of specialized assistance to navigate leasing conversations and requirements, presented hurdles in the brand’s expansion journey.

The solution

Working with a team of Retail Mall Specialists

Recognizing the critical need for a strategic partner with expertise in retail malls, Mr. Darryl turned to MallSpacesAsia. Impressed by the team’s specialization and guided by a shared vision of success, Mr. Darryl initiated a partnership that would enable Mister Wheel’s expansion trajectory. Over the span of a month, MallSpacesAsia’s dedicated team delved into an exhaustive exploration of Singapore’s diverse mall scene. Factors of location, demographics, and brand alignment were meticulously weighed, ensuring a holistic understanding of Mister Wheel’s unique requirements. This partnership proved to be instrumental as Mister Wheel adeptly navigated the complexities of the retail landscape, culminating in the successful securing of a space that seamlessly suited its operational needs.

The Expanded MSA Network

Going beyond the conventional, MallSpacesAsia introduced Mister Wheel to its expansive MSA Network. This network, comprising Design & Build expertise from IW Design Studio and Brand Consultancy prowess from BCUMEN, offered a 360-degree service excellence. This comprehensive approach ensured not only the right location but also an immersive brand experience that would captivate customers.

The result

Wins and Success Across All Teams

The strategic moves, including the successful securing of Suntec City as the top choice, marked a momentous milestone in Mister Wheel’s entry into the highly competitive Singaporean market. On December 22, 2023, Mister Wheel triumphantly opened its doors in Suntec City, a testament to meticulous planning, location selection, and collaborative efforts between Mister Wheel and MallSpacesAsia.

This success not only reflects Mister Wheel’s flavorful journey but also underscores MallSpacesAsia’s commitment to excellence in real estate consultancy within Singapore’s dynamic food and retail sector.

A Taiwan Connection

In a remarkable display of commitment, MallSpacesAsia’s team embarked on a journey to Taiwan to meet Leo Lee, the visionary brand owner of Mister Wheel. This visit not only strengthened the bond between the brand and its consultancy but also provided invaluable insights. 

The team also had the honor of contributing to catering the prestigious 60th Golden Horse Awards ceremony, deepening their understanding of Mister Wheel’s unique identity and stronghold in Taiwan.

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Choosing MallSpacesAsia was a game-changer for us. Their expertise in retail malls, meticulous planning, and unwavering commitment were crucial in securing the perfect space for our first store in Singapore. The collaborative efforts, including the Taiwan visit, showcased their dedication to our success. MallSpacesAsia is not just a consultancy; they are partners in our journey.