Types of Crowds in Malls

First Published: 29 Nov 2018
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2021
Types of Crowds in Malls

High footfall may not necessarily translate to great business. Find out what different types of crowd mean to your business.

Knowing your Crowd

There are two main types of crowds that your business may face when you enter a mall. There’s the dynamic crowd, and then there’s the destinational crowd. Understanding the different types of crowd and knowing how to spot them will help you tailor your sales and marketing tactics to attract a greater number of customers to your business. Let’s take a look at the different type of crowds you may see in malls.

The Dynamic Crowd

The dynamic crowd is fasting moving crowd where they are traveling from one place to another. These are people who have an objective in their mind and are just passing through the area to get to where they need to go.

These crowds are akin to commuters driving on the expressway, passing by all the exits and towns on their way to or from work. One of the best examples of a dynamic crowd would be the crowd in the MRT area.

Do you think the dynamic crowd is the kind of customers you want for your business? What should you do if your business has a lot of dynamic crowds? Keep reading and find out how to target dynamic crowds to improve your business.

The Destinational Crowd

As the word imply, these crowd travel to a designated location. These are crowds that have you as their objective in mind. You can be referring to your actual store, the area around your store or the mall you are in.

Scenario 1: Sally is taking a bus to the mall in her town to look for a present for her niece. She is thinking of buying a gold anklet. In this scenario, as an F&B store, Sally is not part of your destinational crowd.

Scenario 2: Sally is taking a bus to the mall with her family to spend their Thursday evening. In this scenario, as an F&B store, Sally and her family is part of your destinational crowd.

Another good example of destinational crowd would be regular customers travelling to a restaurant even though the location is really far away. Could you think of a restaurant you would travel an hour out of your way to eat at?

What Type of Crowd do I want?

Most successful F&B businesses enjoy the great benefits of such a supportive group of destinational crowd. So, this type of crowd will be the ones you should aim to achieve! Think in the shoes of consumers on where they would want to go on a weekday or weekend, and what would you do or want to look for at those locations.

I think I have Dynamic Crowd, what should I do?

Don’t panic. If you already have a business with existing dynamic crowd, fret not. There are a handful of steps you can take to transform your dynamic crowd into destinational crowd.

  • Incentivizing promotion: for those who are walking by. Prompt and remind these crowd on the importance of staying hydrated and buy a drink from you. Or have small generic presents ready to be gifted for Christmas by your entrance.
  • Social Media: Take to social media and promote your store, draw crowds to your store with games, vouchers, and limited-edition goods.
  • eCommerce: Why limit yourself to brick-and-mortar, there’s a reason Singles Day and Black Friday are such huge platforms of sales. Low overheads, targets audiences, sell as you go. What else more do you need?

The goal is to attract a destinational crowd of your own to your business.

What to look out for when finding a Mall Space?

When presented with a potential space, be sure to ask what type of crowd you can be expecting in the location.

Don’t be too convinced by the number of footfalls in-front of your store, you know the difference now. A hundred footfall from destinational crowd is far better than a thousand footfall from dynamic crowd. A conversion worth we use while calculating crowds is 125 people from a Dynamic Crowd is worth 1 person from a Destinational Crowd.

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