Great Business Concepts and Ideas to Start in a Mall

First Published: 14 Mar 2021
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2021
Idea and Concept

Many customers asks what we would do if we were given a million dollars to start a business in malls.

If money were not an issue, our take will be something beyond F&B, something focused towards a maker-concept.

Current Gaps in Malls

As we feel that malls will eventually evolve into experience malls — where malls will offer more than just a buying or eating experience. We feel that there is currently is gap in malls that provides people a reason to spend their time in the malls, other than for enjoying the aircon during the hot-seasons or for a family dinner.

What is lacking are shops and concepts that you would be able to create and make your own product, something you have ownership over and are proud of which would develop emotional value to the space and brand.

Our Maker Concept - A-la-Carfé

We would start a café where guests have the option of creating their own bread, kaya, and cook their very own hard-boiled eggs (under the guidance of our staff).

Being part of the sudo national breakfast food in Singapore, we think it will be cool if customers gets a hands on experience in the whole process and experience the heritage that is Singaporean food.

We trust that savouring your own creation will be much better than buying off the ordering counter.

With an experience like this, you get to feel how it feels to start a kaya toast business and also get to know more about a potentially franchise model.

The little truth to this concept also helps you with your manpower issue as everything will be make-and-eat basis.

You not only get to eat something you create but the most important intrinsic value to such concept is your customers get to learn something which will stay with them for life. Teach a man how to fish and he will live for a lifetime.

From there, we also enrich customers on their entrepreneurial spirits and eventually will contribute to more local Brand’s which directly will contribute to our economy.

So that’s our maker concept! 

Crazy Idea - Fashion Runway

Another ‘crazy idea’ we have for the malls is – Fashion Runway. Imagine creating a fashion runway in the atrium of a mall to showcase local fashion designers and also designer-to-be works. This concept will be coupled with live music, seating around the runway with drink and finger foods.

It’s like a hybrid model of café-cum-fashion retail. This will greatly encourage local designers to step out and create works that you will never know – even world famous.

Again, enriching the entrepreneurial spirit in people who will start their own fashion brand.

So imagine a small fashion retail concept that also conducts fashion design courses where locals get to use their SkillsFuture credits.

This will greatly increase the footfalls as it’s an immersive and experience based concept. All it takes is a company who is daring enough to believe in this and the rest, we feel will be history – A game changer!

What's Next?

If you are wondering how can you get into malls, we have created an infographic below that can help you with your process — Find out more in detail here: 11 Steps to Get Your Business into Shopping Malls.

We Know Malls and Have Your Interest in Mind

Have an idea? Looking to expand? Found a mall you want to enter? Let us know and we’ll be pleased to help you! We have a team of real estate relationship managers, business consultants, interior design consultants, marketing consultants, fulfillment consultants, and much more to assist you in any queries you may have.

Getting into a mall requires a process and it starts with your concept. Got a great idea for the mall? Talk to us and we can make it happen for you by recommending suitable malls and spaces for your needs. We know the in and out of Malls and will be with you every step of the way!

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