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At MallSpacesAsia, our commitment to innovation guides us in delivering a comprehensive service at very stage of our client’s business journey. With years of experience and producing good work and quality, we are excited to introduce Ivan Wibowo, Chief Designer of IW Design Studio, to lead our MSA Design and Build Team.

Hailing from a prestigious Japanese interior design firm, Ivan has honed his skills in overseeing 360-degree projects, encompassing design, drafting, project management, construction, and architectural consultation. With over 15 years of experience, Ivan brings lofty design aspirations to numerous brands in Singapore’s retail and F&B scene.

Specializing in business spaces and combining design and build expertise of Ivan Wibowo, we aim to continue elevating and enhancing the F&B and retail scene in Singapore.

Meet Ivan.

Ivan Wibowo, IW Design Studio

My design ideas prioritize functionality and practicality, ensuring that every concept serves a purpose beyond aesthetics.

Ivan Wibowo

Chief Designer , IW Design Studio
Lead, MSA Design and Build


“If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.” – Mother Teresa


Functional design weaves a narrative of harmony by seamlessly integrating purpose and efficiency, prioritizing the user’s central experience.


Harnessing the brilliance of global design talents, we revolutionize the world, one groundbreaking design at a time.

Portfolio Peek.

Bizen @ Funan Mall
Aji Ichi Sushi Bar @ Terminal 4
Cantine by Kopitiam Jurong Point by IW Studio Design
Cantine by Kopitiam @ Jurong Point

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What people say?

Ivan's design prowess is truly unparalleled. His ability to translate conceptual visions into stunning retail and F&B spaces is a testament to his creative genius. Paired with his exceptional project management skills, our project in Singapore not only met but exceeded our expectations.
Chef John
Working with Ivan was a game-changer for our F&B venture. His keen design sensibility brought a fresh perspective to our space, creating an ambiance that resonates with our brand. His meticulous project management ensured a seamless process, making him an invaluable asset to our team.
Ivan's design skills are nothing short of amazing. His intuitive understanding of the retail landscape in Singapore, coupled with his hands-on project management approach, resulted in a space that not only captivates customers but also enhances our operational efficiency.
Xi Men Jie
Ivan's design acumen is truly exceptional. His innovative ideas and attention to detail transformed our retail space into a masterpiece. What sets him apart is not just his design skills but also his remarkable project management, ensuring a smooth and timely execution of the project.
Carol & Michael

Not Just Design & Build.

Designing and building a restaurant in a Singapore mall requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure success. Having partnered with MallSpacesAsia, IW Design Studio has learned and adapted their design and understanding of unique mall requirements and optimizing the best recommendations for their customers. 

The following are 18 key considerations Ivan and his team considers when designing and building your space:

Understand and comply with the specific regulations and guidelines set by the mall management regarding design, construction, and operation.

Optimize the use of space for both the dining area and kitchen. Ensure efficient flow for both customers and staff.

Design an aesthetically pleasing interior that aligns with your brand and attracts the target customer demographic.

Ensure the restaurant is easily accessible, considering factors like ramps and elevators for customers with disabilities.

Obtain all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and the mall management before construction begins.

Design an efficient kitchen layout to streamline food preparation and service, considering the menu and expected customer volume.

Integrate modern technologies for point-of-sale systems, reservations, and online ordering to enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

Ensure compliance with health and safety standards, including proper ventilation, sanitation facilities, and fire safety measures.

Choose furniture and decor that not only enhances the ambiance but also aligns with the overall theme and branding of the restaurant.

Maintain or enhance your restaurant’s brand identity through consistent design elements, color schemes, and decor choices.

Determine the optimal seating capacity based on the space available, ensuring a balance between maximizing customers and providing a comfortable dining experience.

Consider acoustics to create a pleasant dining environment. Incorporate materials that absorb sound to minimize noise levels.

Plan lighting carefully to create the right ambiance. Consider natural light during the day and ambient lighting for evenings.

Develop a waste management plan, including recycling and disposal, in compliance with mall regulations.

Design staff areas, service stations, and storage spaces to enhance operational efficiency and service quality.

Ensure clear and attractive signage for visibility within the mall. Consider how your restaurant will stand out among neighboring establishments.

Plan for a smooth customer flow from entrance to exit, minimizing congestion and creating a positive experience.

Consider sustainable practices in design and operations, aligning with growing environmental awareness.

By addressing these factors, you can create a restaurant in a Singapore mall that not only meets regulatory requirements but also provides an inviting and efficient dining experience for your customers.

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