Xi Men Jie

How Xi Men Jie Made its Splash in Singapore

Founded in 2005 by Pearlyn, Xi Men Jie has blossomed into a culinary sensation, boasting nine outlets across various malls in Singapore, dedicated to bringing the authentic taste of Taiwan to locals.

Secured Expansion Strategy

Rebranding Success

Enabled Operational Focus

Xi Men Jie

With a strong passion for culinary arts, founder Pearlyn ventured to Taiwan to learn more about their cuisine and culture. Determined to bring the taste of Taiwan to locals, Xi Men Jie emerged in 2005, becoming synonymous with a taste of Taiwan, offering Taiwanese delights such as Mee Sua, Braised Pork Rice, Chicken Cutlet, and Bubble Tea.

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Franchising Strategy

The problem

Expanding into a Second Space

Back in 2005, Xi Men Jie that we know today was only known as Xi Men in their small shop in Tampines Mall. Despite already having experience with mall leasing teams, Pearlyn understood the importance of concentrating on their key operations and wanted a specialist team to secure their next expansion space.

Standing Out in the Market

Despite a great product adapted to local tastes, Xi Men faced challenges differentiating themselves from other competitors with similar names in the market. The team recognized this and was looking for ways to stand out.

The solution

Collaboration with MallSpacesAsia Founder

Pearlyn reached out Brandon, looking to leverage his expertise and network as someone who has been in this leasing space throughout his career. As a brand with an existing space, it made it easier to deliver a proof of concept for potential malls. 

To address market saturation and differentiation challenges, Brandon consulted with the team to add ‘Jie’ to the brand, signifying the vibrant human bustle and paying homage to Taiwan ‘s bustling streets.

The result

Success for Xi Men Jie

With MallSpacesAsia’s support, Xi Men Jie successfully secured its second space in West Mall, allowing them to focus on their operations while specialists navigated the complexities of expansion.

Franchising and More to Come

Xi Men Jie is set to kick off its franchise model in 2024, aiming for continued growth.

Recognizing the importance of external support, Xi Men Jie continues to work closely with MallSpacesAsia on undefined projects.

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