How BenTahir Launched in Northpoint City

Established in 2021, Muslimah fashion and accessory brand, BenTahir wanted to grow its brand and establish a presence in retail malls.

New Brand Pitched

Prime Location Secured

Successful Expansion


BenTahir supplies high-quality products for all Muslimah; to feel comfortable and confident while wearing it; without compromising on quality and price.

MallSpacesAsia Services Provided

Space Requirement

The problem

Difficulty in Securing Suitable Space

For over two decades, Sharifah nurtured the dream of owning her own shop while working for a major retail chain. Drawing on her extensive experience, she was well aware of the challenges associated with entering malls independently. Recognizing the need for a specialist team to assist in identifying and securing suitable spaces, Sharifah sought a solution.

The solution

Working with a team of Mall Specialists

In her quest for a solution, Sharifah discovered MallSpacesAsia’s services through Google, a common avenue for prospective clients. We promptly engaged with her, understanding her requirements and embracing her retail vision. Despite the availability of existing spaces for takeover, we recognized that for BenTahir to thrive, securing a prime location with high foot traffic was imperative. With unwavering determination, we collaborated with Sharifah to present BenTahir directly to the Frasers Malls team.

The result

Fulfilling a Decade-Long Dream

Three months after our initial connect, Sharifah was able to fulfil her dream of owing her own shop in a prime Level 1 spot near the atrium at Northpoint City.

From BenTahir to Noor Entan: A Journey of Expansion

Buoyed by this success, Sharifah ventured further, establishing a new brand, Noor Entan, and expanding into Bukit Panjang Plaza. This transformation not only marked the fulfillment of a personal dream but also showcased the potential for growth and success when strategic collaboration meets entrepreneurial vision.

MallSpacesAsia is proud to have played a pivotal role in Sharifah’s journey, turning aspirations into tangible achievements.

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I had dreamt of owning my own shop for over two decades, and MallSpacesAsia gives new people a chance to succeed. The teamwork through our connect gave me a lot of trust in you and the team. But the most important thing was the moral support you gave us - it's a big help.